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What is Sellify?

With Sellify you can help entrepreneurs reach more customers by sharing the products that you love on your social media. Simply share a product with your friends in order to offer them an exclusive discount and, in addition, you will make a commission on each sale! It’s a win-win situation. You can choose for yourself which of the offered products you like and want to share. Start supporting now!

What happens when I support a product?

When you choose to support a product, you will create a Sellify account. Sellify will provide you with a beautifully designed post for you to share on your social media that you can customize with your own message. We will never share anything on your behalf without your consent. As soon as the product is posted on your social media wall, your friends will be able to click on it and will receive a discount when they buy it. When a product is sold through your share, you will receive a commission on the sale. Pretty cool right? Find out how it works here.

Which social media channels can I use to support products?

You can support products using any of your social media channels. Sellify currently integrates Facebook profiles, pages and groups, as well as Twitter, to automatically share for you. For other mediums, you will receive a link that you can copy and paste wherever you like, for example in a text to your friends or posted on your own blog.

Can I support multiple products?

Yes, you can support as many of the offered products as you like. Every product you support generates its own separate post on your social media so it may be best to space your posts for multiple products over a period of time to avoid appearing as spam to your friends. You could, for example, post one product at the beginning of the week and the next at the end to maximize the attention for each.

The product that I would like to support is not listed, what now?

Sellify aims to add new products on a weekly basis. If your desired product is not listed now, then it might be later on. If you created an account through your Facebook or Twitter login then we will keep you posted when new products are added to the platform if you choose. We also welcome any product suggestions by email at info@sellify.com.

What happens if I want to buy a product with a discount?

If you reach a product through your friends’ link or post then you can buy it with a discount. When you complete the purchase you will receive the value of the discount as cash-back. When you make the purchase simply click on the "Claim Discount" button and we will guide you to a secure webshop where you can purchase the product. When the purchase is completed you will receive an email from Sellify with simple instructions to get your cash-back transferred to your IBAN. Easy! Just be sure to enter all your details correctly and we will take care of the rest.

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