Meet Team Sellify

We believe that every cool and innovative product deserves the biggest possible audience. Give cool companies access to your social network in exchange for discount and earn some money when a product is sold! Pretty cool, isn’t it? Start crowd-selling!



Founder & CEO

Besides leading the tribe of sellers. I love to inspire people with new bold ideas. Getting most out of life by doing what I love the most, creating cool new stuff that changes your life.

Creative innovator Surfer

Life is like a final mountain stage of the Tour the France. Sometimes you go uphill, but you know that you will always go downhill again.


Founder & COO

Klaas is into the 'Internet of Things.' Do not even try to go by his house, he will know you were there before you even entered! Besides that he likes to track his sleep, weight and food for fun. He is making Sellify 'steengoed' by developing the sh*t out of it.

Organiser Excercise

It's a jungle out there!



CTO & Lead developer

Joris is a passionate bug fixer and lead developer by day, a crazy festival-lover and dancer by night! Besides that he loves hamburgers as much as his pink Nikes and his cats.

Nerd Techno Creative

intense girl


Developer & Inspirator

Frits is way more experienced than his cute looking curls indicate. He was informatics teacher until he decided to go all the way for Sellify. So now he is too cool for school but he is still eating mayonaise, döner and 'frikandellen' as if it's 'Grote pauze'.

Traveler Gamer

Things aren't always #000000 and #ffffff



Designer & Socializer

Folkert is very creative. He is looking at the world from a designers perspective: making it better by making it fresh and good-looking. In the mean time he has over 1000 friends to maintain (not on Facebook) as he is a very social guy!

Architecture Beer Social

"if (sad()) {

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  1. Frits
  2. Klaas
  3. Joris
  4. Folkert
  5. Lennert
Best player


Not beaten since


Biggest winning streak

Klaas - 12

Most improved player


Highest scoring game

Klaas 27-29 Lennert